Tākina Events

Tākina Events is the result of a partnership between Wellington City Council and Te Papa. The Council chose Te Papa to operate Tākina in 2021, resulting in the formation of the new brand, Tākina Events which oversees both the spaces at Te Papa and those at Tākina.

The council's proposal to work with Te Papa on the convention centre brings Te Papa’s exhibitions and events expertise to Tākina. Working with the Council and WellingtonNZ will support the promotion of the capital as a “destination city” for hosting local and international events.

This means you can take advantage of the brand-new purpose built spaces at Tākina, while having the assurance of an experienced team behind your event. It also provides the opportunity to host elements of your event at Te Papa, the National Museum, which brings with it all the ambience and energy of a much-loved public institution.

The operating model also ensures a local team are behind the business, seeing profits go back into Wellington City and Te Papa, contributing to this thriving, vibrant city.